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    Awana Wasinchis

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    Keep your digits warm with our beautifully soft wool gloves handmade by the Quispe family, from the Bombon Community in Peru's Sacred Valley.These gloves are 100% Baby alpaca wool. Alpaca wool has been used for centuries by people in the high Andean ranges to protect them from the elements.


    About the Bomon Community

    The Bombon Community is located in the Paucartambo-Cusco province, at 3550 metres above sea level. Located on the outskirts of the high jungle in the Andean ranges of Peru, this community’s unique location provides the weavers with a wide variety of flora and fauna.

    Their distinctive environment is incorporated into their colourful weaving techniques. There are more than 30 native plants at their disposal for dyeing textiles, with each plant providing several colours.

    Rich in vegetation, agricultural production of native and medicinal plants provides sustenance for the artesans. The Community relies heavily upon agriculture and weaving for its livelihood.

    About the Cusco Collection

    The colourful and uniquely woven designs from our Cusco Collection are ethically sourced entirely from our partners at Awana Wasinchis. Awana Wasinchis is a family-run not-for-profit cooperative, based in the historical city of Cuzco, Peru.

    The Mother-Son team work directly with artesans from communities in their home province to help provide sustainable incomes for families and showcase the traditional art of woven textiles to the world.

    Awana Wasinchis works on the principles of fair trade, ensuring just wages by paying 80 percent of the wholesale price to its artesans, based on a local fair price for each product.

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