• Limited Edition Handmade Mulberry Paper

    Passa Paa

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    Perfect for sustainable gift wrapping or making standout paper crafts, this traditional Sa paper (mulberry paper) from Passa Paa is handmade from the bark of the mulberry tree and adorned with beautiful Hmong designs. Mulberry paper is considered a sustainable renewable alternative paper source, as the mulberry tree continually renews its bark. Paper-making is a popular traditional craft in Laos. 

    Like many handmade items, colours and patterns may vary slightly from those in the image, and unlike machine processed paper, handmade paper has imperfect edges and thickness.

    Description: mulberry pulp, 66x50cm.

    Passa Paa is a textile studio in Luang Prabang that blends traditional Hmong handicrafts skills with modern aesthetics.

Limited Edition Handmade Mulberry Paper

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