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    These chic, colourful necklaces in magenta and emerald are handmade from tagua, by Gladys, in Quito, Ecuador. This gifted indigenous artisan has 20 years in the business of handicrafts, working with tagua, acai and pambil seeds. Gladys has become a leading artisan. Her quality and dye work have been highly acclaimed as some of the best. This has enabled Gladys to create a sustainable livelihood and build her own home.

    Tagua, otherwise known as vegetable ivory for its resistance and durability, is a natural, renewable and sustainable material from the tagua palm tree, which grows in the lush tropical rainforests of the Amazon.



    About The Andes Collection

    The Andes Collection is a fun, vibrant collection of ethical and eco-chic contemporary handicrafts sourced from our partner in Ecuador, The Andes Fashion. The Andes Fashion works under the rules of Fair Trade with over 200 families of artisans located all over Ecuador. Founder and fashion designer Mirta Evi launched the eco-chic, fair trade and ethical brand to help raise funds for social and environmental issues in Ecuador, working in partnership with international NGOs, the Ecuadorian Government and the United Nations Development Program.

    The Andes Fashion artisans specialise in various areas of craftsmanship to ensure the highest quality product, and offering ongoing opportunities for entrepreneurship, training and leadership for artisan producers and their families. Their collections have featured in many high profile events across the globe including Miami Fashion Week 2012 and Climate Week in London giving these talented artisans fantastic opportunities to improve their livelihoods and living conditions through high profile exposure to the global market.

    The Andes Fashion donates 10% of its profits to scholarships for the underprivileged and 15% of its profits to Yasuní-ITT (an Ecuadorian Government conservation program in the Yasuní National Park with the aim of reducing 400 million tonnes CO2 into the atmosphere).

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