• Batik Coin Purse


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  • Description

    These handy Batik Coin Purses from Penguin's Smile are a great ethical gift idea. Made in traditional Thai Batik cloth. Availble in blue, army green or purple.


    • Best quality sustainable raw materials
    • 100% natural cotton and dyes
    • Handmade
    • Fully zippable and lined in cotton.


    About Penguin’s Smile

    Penguin’s Smile works in a sustainable manner to preserve the earth and Thai traditions for future generations. The name was inspired by an acknowledgement of the effects that climate change has on the world’s penguin species, to help raise awareness of people’s responsibility to the environment. Penguin’s Smile works with ThairCraft Fair Trade to provide a wide variety of Thai handicrafts, gifts and decorative items in traditional Thai Batik (ethnic) fabric, using the best quality raw materials, sustainable and functional design, and high standard fabrication practices.

    About ThaiCraft

    ThaiCraft is a Fair Trade certified association, working within the principles of fair trade to generate a fair income for village artisans in Thailand with the objective of keeping Thai craft traditions alive. They work with over 60 artisan groups in Thailand and Laos, with a focus on people with special needs, to create fine, high quality handmade products. ThaiCraft is a founder member of the Thailand Fair Trade Alliance and WFTO Asia, and has been a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation since 1995.

Batik Coin Purse

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