Ethical Sourcing

Our work goes beyond the typical discourse on ethical sourcing. At The PachaMama Project, it's an integral part of how we do business. We have adopted an integrated approach to ethical sourcing. To us, ethical sourcing is as much about social and environmental sustainability as it is economical sustainability. Our objective is to work with small cooperatives and associations that provide opportunities for talented artisans to expose their products to the world and assist them in providing a sustainable income for themselves, their families and their communities.  

We wholly support the principles of Fair Trade and other ethical sourcing certifications, but we also recognise that not all small producers in developing countries have access to the funds of networks necessary to gain certification for their products. While there is certainly a place for certification systems, the lack of certification is not necessarily fair to the individual producers, the smallest cooperatives and the poorest communities. Although we also sell Fair Trade certified products, our non-certifed partners are chosen through first-hand knowledge and rigourous selection and for these reasons we will not seek to source products by certification alone.

All of our products have been sourced through ethical means either through our partnerships with cooperatives or with our partner wholesalers that work directly with artisans under fair trade principles. We also work directly with suppliers from in-country cooperatives and associations that we have personally visited. 

Most producers and artisans are from very small, rural and often quite poor communities and cannot afford certification fees. Likewise, our partners run on small scale community-based operations, with the objective of helping their local communities. It’s about working in the communities, for the communities. The producers receive a just price on the wholesale price we pay. Their products are individually handmade, using traditional techniques. And their products are organic and sustainable by default. See individual collections for more information about each of our partners.

We do not sell mass produced products. Individual items can take anywhere from two days to six weeks to make. All of our products are handmade with love, care and as such, encapsulate a piece of the artisan's cultural heritage. So when you make a purchase, not only are you helping protect and promote cultural heritage, but you are also contributing to the social, environmental and economic sustainability of these communities. We think this makes them special. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

By making ethical choices we can make a difference in peoples’ lives and the environment.

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