About Us

Founded in 2012, The PachaMama Project is the brainchild of Australian-based husband and wife team Natasha and Antoine. Both passionate about working with the environment and communities.

In 2011, Natasha and Antoine spent that year travelling and working in South America, experiencing different cultures and seeing first-hand how ethical choices can have a sustainable ripple effect in peoples’ lives. We visited communities in several different countries and were blown away by the beauty of the lands we visited, and amazed by the intricacy of traditional arts and crafts, in all their colour and glory. 

One night, while star gazing and reflecting on the amazing peoples and cultures we had met, and their innate respect for and connection with the beautiful lands and pristine environments, a light bulb went off. We knew we had to share our experiences and also help others to make ethical choices so that they too may create positive sustainable opportunities for others. That’s how The PachaMama Project was born. It is a personal reflection of us, our values and our experiences. 

We wanted to do something to share a small piece of our experience through the beauty and wonder of traditional and natural handmade artisinal products, to help preserve cultural traditions and dying arts and help sustain livelihoods. Ultimately, we wanted to do something to make a difference in peoples’ lives while leveraging our experience and passion for social and environmental responsibility. 

The name is a perfect reflection of our ethos, who we are and where we both come from - Protecting the earth, its peoples and its cultures through art, handicraft and travel.